Requirements of Multimedia Communication Systems



1.           Multimedia Contents
(You may use some software tool to make several multimedia productions which could be voice, image, or video only, and try to find the measurement metrics for its quality)

1.           Compression
(Find any compression tool to compress your multimedia productions by tuning the parameters such as compression ratio, compression layer, and so on, and to evaluate the impact on quality)

2.         Communication Systems
(Giving a noisy communication system which may be a real system or a simulated system, and put your compressed results on sending queue of the system. Measuring the received data for the measurement metrics delay, jitter, loss, and throughput. )


Final Presentation:

Read a journal paper on the multimedia communication system topic, and give a 30 minute report on the classroom. You should hand over the paper and PowerPoint files before your presentation.




Introduction to Mutlimedia


Multimedia Compression Algorithms


Multimedia Network Streaming


 IP multimedia subsystem


 P2P network technology




 uPNP and Multimedia Applications