Advanced Computer Networks - Homeworks

Homework I: Physical Layer Terminologies in Concept, Applied Systems, and Productions:


Homework II: Network Programming in Data Link Layer (optional)

Please write the data transfer programs under the following specifications:
   1. Communication devices
    UART RS-232 (crossover line, RJ-11 with PBX switch)
   Fast Ethernet adapter (crossover RJ-45, connection RJ-45 with HUB, and TCP/IP modules)
    USB adapter
    1394 net adapter

   2. Operation systems
   3. Any program languages
   4. User interface

   Web page
   Statistical table, chart, or graph
   5. Functions
    Flow control
   Error control
   6. Documents
    User operating guide
    System maintenance


Homework III: Network Simulations

Please describe the following items for any network that you study now:
   1. Network system model
    Network topology (the number of nodes in the network must be more than 5)
        Frame format, Medium Access Protocol, Packet arrival distribution

   2. Simulation results
   Find the relationship between system load and throughput.
    Find the relationship between system load and delay.
   3. Discussions

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